Studio Black is a full service recording studio. After a detailed consultation, I will accompany you through the entire audio production, all the way to the end. With my many years of experience and with talented partners, I will take on and guide the conception, creation and production of your projects.

Sound branding

Audio production for advertising and brands

In the age of media diversity, it is even more important to emphasize the unique selling points for brands and products. The targeted use of acoustic stimuli and sounds for communication offers your company the opportunity to emotionally charge your products, thus significantly differentiating you from competitors.

I will design your acoustic brand presence.

There are several dozens of produced soundtracks and instrumentals already available – from the categories of dance, pop, rock, classical, lounge, ambience, jazz and acoustic. These can be used at any time or be adapted to your individual needs for advertising and image films.

Music production

Composing, arrangement, mixing und mastering

A hit is appealing? Nowadays, to be competitive in the music market and in the media (radio, TV, Internet platforms, or streaming), catchy songs with modern arrangements in very good sound quality and an adequate mastering are a must. With much dedication, passion and attention to detail, I will accompany you unerringly on the way there and will take over the entire production process. With a large pool of outstanding studio musicians and creative folks as backup, we dare to work with all popular genres and styles of music.

Hourly rate for song recording: € 80,-.

Daily rate (8h): € 490,-

Guitar recordings for your songs

As a guitarist with a university degree (Mag. art., guitar Jazz) at the University of Arts in Graz and with decades of flourishing international work, live and in studio, I will happily play all guitar parts for your production! That means: rhythm guitar, fills, solos, chords, shrenks, layers, mutes, quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes, nylon guitar, acoustic guitars, distorted riffs, overdubs and doublings, full of effect or dry, dirty or clean, with my Tele, Strat or Les Paul.  The main thing: It sounds good!